On Monday ....

So, today was the start of a new week at the job.
I tried to be optimistic.

It wasn't easy.

But the day went on without "incident" .. for the most part.

Things were going swimmingly, until tonight at about 8:15.

That's when I walked into the kitchen and smelled something awful.
Imagine a mix of hot metal, melted plastic and chemicals.

We determined it was the dishwasher.

We called GE (because it's a GE dishwasher) and told them about the smell. And I might have mentioned that I'm mildly freaking out thinking my kitchen is going to fill with smoke and flames. They said they could have a repairman out on Monday. NEXT Monday.


So, we called a local "appliance repair" company that has 27-4 service with no extra fees for "emergencies."

Their repairman will be here in 20 minutes.

Today's word: efficiency.

Thank you, appliance repairman, for coming to our aide even if it is 9:35 on a Monday night.

Although, my kitchen still smells (we did turn off the breaker for the dishwasher) and I fear we'll be buying a new dishwasher (there's $400 I wasn't planning on spending!)....I am happy that someone is efficient tonight.

Now...let's just hope he can "fix" whatever the problem is with this stupid dishwasher.

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