The weekend is never long enough.

In an ideal world (i.e. - where I was in charge), the weekend would be four days long and the workweek would be only three days.

Then maybe I would actually have time to relax on the weekends.

It's 6:15 on Sunday night as I type this and aside from the hour I spent reading the Sunday paper this morning, this is the first time I've sat down all day.

Between laundry, washing the floors, putting laundry away, paying bills, cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen and various other "duties" (ha!) .... I have been on the go all day. Yesterday was no different - delivering GS cookies, grocery shopping, more laundry (seriously, it really never ends) and trying to make some sense of the chaos in my house - I had a few chances to 'sit down' yesterday - at Mass and at dinner.

Yes, it sounds like I'm complaining.
And I am, sort of.
I do understand that I'm lucky to have my family and our house and all the "chores" and craziness that go along with it.
But every now and then I just want some time to relax.
Time to sit and read a magazine.
Time to "hang out" with the kids.

Maybe I just need more than 24 hours in a day.
Maybe you can relate?

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  1. As I sit down for the 1st time this weekend also.... I am one eye reading this post in total agreement with you.