So much for "Maybe"

Yeah...it's almost June.
And I blogged twice this month.

You know what that is?
That is a #BloggyFail

I had great intention, certainly.
But once again here I am.
Blogging about how I suck at blogging.

It's shocking to me that people still come to this blog.
But, according to my stats, there are still some of you out there.

And I thank you from the bottom of my bloggy heart for sticking by me.
And for sticking with my blog.

You deserve a gold star.
Or a candy bar.
Or my undying love and devotion.

This has just been a weird, wacky month.
The last two weeks have been a blur, quite honestly.

I had a few days off work when my grandma died.
And then, the day after her funeral I took a sick day.
To regroup.
I wasn't really sick.
I actually didn't know what day it was.

Then I went back to work on May 12.
And it sucked.
A lot.

I was totally behind in all my projects.
I really didn't want to be at the office, let alone dealing with the drama that seems to ooze from the walls.

And then, on Friday the 13, I sent an e-mail to our CEO, suggesting a topic for the "message" she adds to our newsletter. I ended the e-mail with this "I'm not sure what you think of this idea. Let me know and we can discuss it more." Seems like a NORMAL way to end an e-mail, no? (Especially since we're always being told to ACT like the CEO is just a "regular person" like the rest of us minions).

This is the e-mail I received in response from my boss.
Who is NOT the CEO.

I would have liked to see that suggestion presented in a way that projected confidence in your idea. Now I am afraid that [the CEO] will in turn lack confidence in it when I don't think it's a bad idea. I would like to see you, as a communications expert, telling her what you think she should communicate. I want you to see yourself as the manager of our communications, NOT an editor of others' ideas.

Excuse me?
I lacked confidence?
I have to admit, my response back to my boss was a bit snarky and bitchy and I ended it with this: "Sorry if I sounded like I wasn't being confident in my ideas, it's been a very long week." Yeah, I played THAT card. Sue me. I wasn't in the mood for office politics and bullying.

And yes, in case you are wondering, this is what I deal with on a regular basis at work.

Oh and then, last week (a week AFTER being off work for the funeral) during a manager's meeting, this was said to me: "You are probably somewhat confused by what we are talking about, since you were UNABLE to be here last week."

As if I had a choice?

I responded that my absence the week prior was UNAVOIDABLE. Which was met with stammering and stumbling over words and a whole lot of "Oh. Um. Well that's not what I meant."

Well, even if you didn't MEAN it, you said it.
So obviously you were thinking it.

You know what would make June so much better?
A new job.


  1. What a week. I am sorry that your work wasn't very sympathetic. I knew your last job was bad, but this one doesn't sound much better. Sorry.

    I am sticking with ya! You haven't lost me yet.

  2. I'm so sorry that work hasn't been any better, but trust me I've been there done that. If you ever need/want to get coffee to vent just let me know. I can share with you a few of my work stories too just so you don't feel so alone :) I promise that there has to be something better out there for you and after this experience you will appreciate it all the more.

  3. Allison - Thank you! :)

    Jen - Thanks...I might take you up on that coffee one of these days! :) I am convinced there is something better out there for me....i just have to find it.

  4. There is - I promise you that :) And feel free to take me up on it anytime.