Ten things on Thursday

OK, so you're all visiting my blog and reading about my crazy hectic life and well, I decided to do a little bit of sharing today. (Because, as a blogger I don't quite share enough, right?)

So here's today ten things...you might not know about me.

10. Tailgaters and others with bad traffic manners annoy me.
'Tis true. If I see you tailgaiting me as I'm driving I will slow down. As in, below the speed limit. Just to annoy you. Especially if you can't pass me. I will make you hit your brakes. And if you do it at a red light, I'll be sure to pause dramatically before I go when it turns green. Good rule of thumb - if you see a blue minivan with a Disney family on the back window...back off my bumper.

9. Litterbugs bother me.
This is a new one that I've added to the list due to recent events. Certainly I never held a special place in my heart for people who litter - because honestly, how hard is it to find a garbage can?!? But in the past few days I've seen people literally THROWING GARBAGE OUT THEIR CARS as they are driving. Yesterday, it was a large fast food cup followed by the ENTIRE bag of food. Today, it was a juice box. Just tossed out the window. I really wanted to take photos of their license plates and post them on Facebook and Twitter. But I didn't.

8. I have an unreasonable fear of spiders.
I will walk/run the other way every time I see an eight-legged beast. I scream when I see spiders. I don't care if it's one of those little spiders or a giant oh-my-gosh-where-did-that-come-from monster spider. I. Will. Scream. And make my husband kill it. We don't trap and release in this house. No way. If there's a spider in the house, it is dead.

7. If I had a million dollars....
I would not buy you a house. Sorry. I'd buy me a house. In Florida. And I'd pay off my law school loans. And our credit card bills. And buy an annual pass to Walt Disney World. And do some other fun things too. But first and foremost, I would QUIT MY JOB.

6. I prefer breakfast to all other meals.
True story. My favorite dinner as a kid was pancakes. My mom would only make breakfast for dinner (brinner?) when my dad was out of town. Because my dad didn't like breakfast at dinner. I love making pancakes and/or waffles for dinner. Of course, I love breakfast for breakfast too. Pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon...it really is the best meal of the day.

5. I don't like sunbathing.
In fact, when we're at the pool, I sit in the shade...only venturing out into the sun for a few minutes at a time. I won't just "lay in the sun" to get a tan. Ick. I prefer the pale look, thank you very much. I think it's because I had 2nd and 3rd degree sunburn when I was 12 and since then I'm very, very overprotective when it comes to being in the sun. SPF 1000 for me please.

4. I don't watch horror movies.
I can't really explain this one - I used to watch them. I remember watching "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and not being too scared. But now? I cannot stomach a horror film. Especially the gory kind. Scary movies (Alien) are OK. But I'm more of a drama/comedy/romance kind of girl, I suppose.

3. I love Twitter.
I've been "on" Twitter since February 2008 and I am in love with it. I love the interaction. I love the connections I make. And I have so many wonderful friends whom I would not know if it wasn't for social media (specifically Twitter). So I send Twitter a valentine every February. It must be love.

2. If I could have any job in the whole wide world...
Um, well...I sort of already have it. I'm a mom to two wonderful, amazing, beautiful girls and that my friends is the BEST job in the whole world. And if I could pick a second job, I would be a writer. Which I guess I am with this blog. So hey....I do have the best job in the world - I'm a mommy and a blogger! #yayme

1. If I was on a deserted island, I would need...
Lip gloss, some books, a toothbrush, my family and access to Twitter.

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