Wisdom on a Wednesday

In March I had the chance to attend an incredible social media "celebration" at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. The three-day Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was chock full of amazing and inspirational speakers, but one stands out in my brain. That person is Rene Syler, the original "Good Enough Mother." Her "words of wisdom" struck a chord with me and have been resonating in my brain ever since. I have been thinking back over the things she said during the past week.

This is what I've been thinking.....

"You may not know what you want to do, but you definitely know what you DON'T want to do" - Rene Syler

I keep repeating this little nugget over and over again, because it is such a loaded statement - loaded with truth and honest feelings. And it describes where I am in my life at this very moment.

As you all know, last week I walked out of HELL and walked back into my life.
That may seem dramatic, but it's so very true.

The Old Job was like my own personal Dementor - a hooded monster that sucked the life and soul out of me, and no amount of chocolate would make it better. Every morning I would put on a fake smile and walk into the office wondering what fresh hell would await me.

And then I did it.
I walked out.

The number of people (including a former coworker who also managed to "escape") who have CONGRATULATED me on quitting is, well, amazing. Not that I EVER doubted my decision...but to be congratulated for leaving a job - that means a lot to me.

Today I am happier, healthier and more focused.
I wake up with a renewed sense of self each morning - I KNOW bigger and better things are out there for me.

I may not know what I want to do, but I knew what I didn't want to do.

"People who make you feel bad have no place in your life." - Rene Syler

I will not surround myself with negative people who bully and intimidate because they want to feel powerful.
I refuse.

"Follow your passion because you'll never go wrong." - Rene Syler

My passion.
What is my passion?

My kids are my passion.
Writing is my passion.
Is it wrong to say social media is a passion?
I think not.

So, where do I go from here?
I want to follow my passion - but I'm still looking for that road map.
I want to write - but for whom?
And about what?

Ideally, I would love to do this - exactly what I'm doing right now.
Blogging. Every. Single. Day.
(And yes, I mean blogging AND making a little bit of money doing it).
I am writing what I want to write.
And it makes me happy.

"I want to be able to say 'every day I am happy' when it comes to my job!" - a tweet from yours truly during #DisneySMMoms

Can you say that?
Can you say every day that you are happy when it comes to your job?
Does that seem like a lofty goal?
Does it seem like too much to wish for?

Shouldn't we allow ourselves to be happy, really truly happy when it comes to our job?

Why do we put ourselves last? I think my happiness is just as important as the next person's. I think we all deserve to be happy. Happy is my new goal.

"You used to be much more muchier. You have lost your muchness." - the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland

I KNOW I was losing my muchness.
It was quietly slipping away, bit by bit, each day as the job sucked the happiness and joy out of me. I didn't want to blog. I didn't want to write. I didn't think I was good enough.

Yes, my 'muchness' was missing.
But, I think I have found it again.

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  1. I'm so glad you are in a happier place! I'm certain you will find the perfect new job to fit you. Enjoy this time.