Allergies are in the house....

Today was Olivia's consult and allergy skin test with the new doctor. The skin test was a very long 15 minutes during which Olivia cried and I held her hands (not only to comfort her, but also to keep her from scratching her arms).

I watched as little bumps formed over certain spots on her arms - being the "nosy" mom that I am, I made sure to look at what allergens they were testing before the scratch test started. I noticed that ragweed, cats, dogs and PEANUTS were the fastest growing "spots."

This was not a good thing.

Once the doctor came in and looked at her arms, he explained what she's allergic to. The scale they used was 0 (negative) up to 5 (VERY STRONG positive).

This is the list:
- Cat dander: 4/5
- Dog epidermal: 3/5
- Alfalfa: 3/5
- Tree mix (5 trees): 4/5
- Tree mix (6 trees): 4/5
- Weeds: 2/5
- South grass mix: 4/5
- Ragweed: 4/5
And now the foods:
- Corn (food): 2/5
- Sesame Seed: 3/5
- Soybean: 3/5
- Peanut: 4/5

OK...so the trees, weeds, grass and ragweed I expected. I wasn't surprised by the dog and cat allergy either (even though she's lived with both animals her entire life and hasn't had any issues). The doctor said DO NOT get rid of your animals because the shots that Olivia will be getting over the next few years will build up her "immunity" to all of these things.

But the food allergies.....
Those I cannot wrap my brain around.

The doctor said not to worry about the corn allergy (OK, I won't) or the soybean allergy (really, the kid isn't going to start eating Edamame anytime soon). However, Olivia is supposed to avoid seasame seeds (the doctor actually said "no sesame chicken" ...lol) and peanuts.

I asked him how it was possible for her to have a peanut allergy and NEVER have any reaction of any kind and he didn't really have a clear answer. He simply said that it was possible and we can't know when it might affect her.

So, nothing with peanuts for Olivia. No peanut butter. No nuts of any kind (not even tree nuts like pecans and walnuts). And, we are to have an Epipen with us at all times from now on. And, we have to let the school know that Olivia is to have an Epipen available just in case.

And next week, she starts allergy shots. Twice a week for 10 weeks. Then once a week for several more months. Eventually she'll make it down to once a month. And the shots will continue for several years.

Stupid allergies.

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