Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging

Yep, I haven't blogged much since last week. And really, last week's posts weren't anything spectacular if we want to be totally honest about my blogging.

You want to hear "excuses"...OK, here goes. I've been sick for two weeks. I have some inner ear thing going on (Labrynthitis), which I really thought would be gone by now. It isn't. I have been dizzy for TWO WEEKS. Trust me when I say this is very unpleasant. It's a lot like the feeling you get after a few glasses of wine...but without the fun drinking wine part.

The rest of my "ailments" are finally going away. The congestion, cough, runny nose...all on their merry way out of here. However, the dizziness makes me tired. So there's that.

And last week was really not a great week. I had to deal with stupid, evil people (again) and then on Tuesday we found out that based on an allergy test (via blood samples) Olivia is essentially allergic to EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET.

I am not ashamed to admit that I cried when I was done talking to the pediatrician. There's a lot of things I was hoping my kids would get from my genes - sassy attitude, good grammar, excellent spelling skills, a sense of humor. You know, the good things. Allergies were not on that list.

I've had horrible allergies since I was 4 years old. I still remember the day I walked out into the apartment complex where we lived and they were mowing the grass and suddenly I couldn't breathe. (OK, maybe that's MY memory of it...not sure what my parents remember). I endured a "scratch test" and they discovered I was allergic to everything. Dogs, cats, trees, dust, pollen. If it was alive, I was allergic. I had allergy shots and spent my childhood taking every brand of allergy meds available.

And, after 14 years of allergy shots the doctors said "you're cured!"
They lied.
My allergies never went away.
If my allergist wasn't dead I'd sue him for malpractice. :)
All that has happened in the last 34 years is I've "grown out" of some of my allergies - specifically cats, dogs and feather pillows. No cure in sight for the rest.

And now Olivia has allergies. And yes, I understand that allergies aren't THAT bad (in the grand scheme of "BAD" things), and there is medicine she can take. But still, don't tell me "it's not the end of the world" because well, that's just really not your call to make. When a doctor tells me that my 7 year old is allergic to milk, peanuts, pecans, wheat, walnuts, potatoes, strawberries, oak trees, maple trees, pecan trees, grasses, ragweed, cats AND dogs (just to name a few)...well, I think I have every right to FREAK OUT just a little bit.

Today we're taking Liv to an allergist for "consultation" and "testing." I can only imagine this means a scratch test. We haven't told her about that possibility. Right now she's finding it amusing to ask "am I allergic to THAT?" ... and well, I guess if we can keep a sense of humor about this, that's not all bad.

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  1. So sorry you've had to endure allergies for that long and now your little girl has to deal with it as well. :( My brother had asthma really, really bad and was allergic to everything under the sun, but he did outgrow it and now can enjoy sports and being outside. I hope the consultation brings some good news for you all!