Manic Monday

Hey would you look at that?

I haven't blogged in a week.


Anyway...last week was one of those crazy-in-a-good-way kind of weeks. I had an AMAZING interview on Monday. Then we had a great Halloween with the kids, family, and friends. And then I found out more potentially good news on Wednesday. And Friday, the girls and I had a mommy/daughter day - lunch and then the movies (since Liv had a day off school).

All in all the week was good.

Granted, the "potentially" good news didn't turn into anything more than that (yet)...but my fingers (and toes) are crossed.

Today is a different story.
I'm not sure if it's the gloomy weather or the PMS...but I'm feeling 'off.'

I'm on edge.
I feel anxious....sort of jumping out of my skin.
Still waiting to hear something, anything about my "potential" good news.
Have something important to do Wednesday.
And then something totally and utterly annoying and frustrating that I have to deal with tomorrow.

It's making me rather snarky, to be honest.
I mean snarkier than normal.

Case in point - I just paid an unnecessary tax "penalty" to the City of Toledo.
In the subject line on the check I wrote "morons."

Yeah, I went there.
But I'm annoyed with the city.
Very annoyed.

They sent me a notice waaaaayyyy back in September that I owed them $58.29 as an abatement because I failed to pay any estimated payments on my 2010 City of Toledo taxes. Well, there's a good reason for that - (1) I was under the [mistaken] impression that my employer at the time [idiots] was taking city taxes out of my paycheck - they were NOT; and (2) I hadn't worked IN the city since 2005, therefore I had nothing to base my estimates on.

All of this was explained to the city tax department by my CPA (twice!) via letters - and, of course, the city ignored the letters and just kept sending me notices for this $58.29. Finally it was decided that I should just pay because the tax department is too stupid to understand the reason why I shouldn't have to pay.

So, today I wrote a very snarky letter to the tax department telling them how moronic they are and I sent my payment with that letter ... and in the subject line of the check is the word "morons."

Ah, yes...it is probably childish....but I felt much better.

Here's hoping for a calmer Tuesday.
Unlikely, but one can hope.

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