Happy Birthday Emma

My sweet Emma,

It seems impossible to me that you are five years old today. My baby, my sweet peanut Emma-nem is FIVE. I swear it was just yesterday when you were this small:

You were our sweet surprise - your daddy and I knew we wanted to add to our family but when I found out you were on the way it was quite the surprise. To this day, it's the best shock I have ever had. You are one of a kind, my sweet princess.

You are funny. Funnier than any other five year old I know. We call you our family comedian. Every day you make me laugh with something you do or say. You're our 'tiny dancer' too. Last year you decided you wanted to be a ballerina and each week at dance class I marvel at how you just waltz into the classroom on your own with a little wave and you dance your heart out. I've noticed that you practice your tap dance at random times during the day. It's very cute and we can't wait to see you on stage in May!

You're also super smart. And independent. During the last six months you and I have spent every day together and that has been so amazing for me. I have loved watching you discover new things and learn new things ... like your ABCs and how to count and how to write your name and how to find "your" game pages online - without any help from me!

And when you say things like, "Mommy when are you going to get a job so I can go back to school?"....well that just makes me smile. Because I know you miss your preschool classmates and I want you to go back very soon. [I also love that you told Daddy that you all needed to get me a new job for my birthday!]

Simply put, you are my sunshine Emma. You made our family complete five years ago and I love you more than you'll ever know.