Happy Birthday to my sweet Olivia

My sweet Olivia. Today is your 8th birthday. Eight years old. Where in the world does the time go? I swear it was just yesterday that your daddy and I were anxiously (and eagerly) awaiting your arrival. Oh, and impatiently. We were very impatient. See, you were SIX DAYS LATE. You were stubborn from the very beginning my dear. And after a very long (and exhausting) 36 hours of waiting and waiting and waiting, you finally arrived. And you were perfect in every way.

And now, eight years later...you are still perfect. And beautiful. And impossibly stubborn. And brilliant. You are my math whiz and presidential history buff. (It's true - your current favorite presidents are Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. That's my girl.). You love reading. And you are the best big sister to Emma. And you are sweet and kind - always offering a hug and a kiss just when I need it. And oh so emotional. Your meltdowns are epic at times. 

Happy Birthday my princess (I should also mention that you were thrilled to learn that you shared your birthday with Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge - you do love your royals!). I hope you have a magical day. I love you so very much.

Olivia, age 2 at the Magic Kingdom

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  1. So sweet - love the letter and the flashback photo. I keep meaning to do this with my girls. Have you seen that Google commercial where the father writes emails to his daughter? That has me in tears every time. This post made me choke up a little bit too. Hope you guys have a wonderful day!