My blog. My thoughts. My opinions (Alternate title: I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth)

I've been writing here, in this space, for six and a half years. That's a lot of blog posts. That is a lot of opinions, rants, and emotions ... all of which I have shared openly with you, my readers. In fact, in those six years I've had more than 44,000 visits to my blog. That's a lot of visits. People come here for a reason. And I thank them for that.

Well, most of them anyway.

Apparently I have a few readers who aren't happy with what I'm writing. They think I'm "slandering" a certain organization.

(No, it's not Fifth Third Bank ... even though I did skewer them just a little last weekend for that customer service snafu).  

YOU know who YOU are.
I will consider you my own personal blog stalkers.
You are lurking on my blog, looking for anything that YOU don't agree with.

I'm going to let you all in on a little "secret" - this blog is about MY life. It's about my high points (winning!) and my low points and EVERY SINGLE THING IN BETWEEN.

Yeah, I wrote about my old job because it sucked that much. If YOU don't like what I wrote, that's really too damn bad. It's my opinion and IT'S ALL TRUE. Oh and I speak the truth IN VOLUMES on this blog. I'm brutally honest (to a fault at times), and therefore everything I write on this blog is the truth. The WHOLE TRUTH. AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

See, that's a nifty concept...the truth. It means I don't lie about my life or what happens to me. I don't candy coat things. If things suck, I'm going to blog about it. If I get great (or crappy) customer service, there's a blog post coming. If I find a great product, I'm blogging it. And if people wrong me...oh I am SO blogging it. It's the view from MY fishbowl. Not yours.

So here's the thing: Stop reading my blog if YOU don't like what you see.

Put differently - stop LURKING on my blog and TROLLING the posts looking for something YOU consider "negative" or "slanderous." (Oh and look up the definition of slander before accusing someone of it). And yes, I know who YOU are - see, I have this nifty, handy-dandy little tool that tells me the location of every single visitor to my blog. I can even track IP addresses down to the street location if I'm so inclined.

So, your lurking isn't so secret anymore, is it?

(For those of you who come to my blog and have good intentions, I do thank you. My readers mean the world to me and you are so important to a blog's life - and most of you are here for the right reasons. You are always welcome to come back).


  1. Good for you!! I agree with it all completely. Love ya!

  2. As someone whose mouth and opinions have caused some issues once or twice (or more) I say good for you! It's YOUR blog and you're right- if they don't like they can stop reading.

    I love your blog and your snarkiness! Keep at it!

  3. ladies - thank you! thank you! thank you! you are all amazing. xoxo

  4. Traci I LOVE reading your blogs!!!

  5. I am continuously shocked when I hear about lurkers and trolls. Why on earth would they want to read blogs that they don't like? I seriously don't get it.

    I'm shocked by this behavior.

    And good for you. If we can't write freely on our blogs for our own sanity, where CAN we write?


  6. Love this Traci! Your willingness to take a stand is one of the reasons your writing is so darn interesting.

  7. It's your blog...you shouldn't have to censor for people that have nothing better or more constructive to do with their lives.

    Happy writing!