Walking. And water.

Not walking ON water.

I'm talking about walking.
And water.
Two things I'm increasing in my daily life.

See, in exactly 48 days I'm walking in my first ever Disney 5K race. Yes, I actually get a medal at the finish line thank you very much. It's a race.

The Disney Royal Family 5K ... during Disney's Princess Half Marathon weekend.

I was "training" for the race in the fall - I bought running shoes and downloaded the C25K (Couch to 5K) app on my iPhone. And then ... well, then I just stopped. I had been walking and getting my pace up there and was close (but not too close) to adding the jogging in to the mix. And then I lost my mojo. Or something like that. I stopped walking. And got all down in the dumps and blah about things.

Well, new year new me.

I'm walking again (with my sister!) and I'm drinking obnoxious amounts of water every day and darn it all I WILL own those 3.1 miles on February 25.

Oh and my goal from all of this?

I'm telling myself that I will run a half marathon before my 40th birthday in 2013. That gives me about 13 months to get in shape, lose weight and run/walk 13.1 miles. There's a 10 mile race I'd like to aim for in September ... but the half marathon is in November. At Disney, of course. (I mean really. What is the point of running a race if you're not at Disney? At least that's how I see it.)

So for now....I'm going to finish the 5K.

And thanks to Mother Nature and this gloriously mild winter, I'm still able to "train" outside ... without freezing to death.

Here's to walking. And water. Two things that will get me to that finish line.

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