Words of wisdom - and more - brought to you by Pinterest

 I am reminding myself of this. 
Every. Single. Day.


Oh trust me.
Karma is a bitch.

Are you on Pinterest yet? 
Do you love it?
If you're not pinning like crazy, why not??
I could spend hours every night scrolling through pages of things and pinning them. 
Oh yeah, I actually did that a few nights ago.

If you aren't on Pinterest yet, and would like to check it out...let me know in the comments with your email address and I'll invite you. It's quite fun. And quite addicting.

Happy pinning.


  1. I'm on and it's fun. I can only get on every few days or else I get SUCKED in.

  2. me too!!! i could literally spend HOURS sitting here pinning things. :)