A lifetime ban on Thin Mints and Samoas

How fitting that this post comes just as the annual Girl Scout cookie sale starts in this part of Ohio....

I am not buying Girl Scout cookies this year.
Or next year.
Or ever again.

I am banning Girl Scouts from my house.
Yes, I am really REALLY serious.

This really is happening, despite the fact that Olivia is currently registered as a Brownie. That will (hopefully) come to an end very soon as I see nothing good coming from her association with the organization.

You see, I used to work for the Girl Scouts. That's the job I've been blogging about for the past year. You know, the one with The Bully and the director who called me a wussy. Yeah, that was my job with the Girl Scouts.

Lovely, right?

This organization touts itself as the place that "builds girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place." Hooey. That's laughable. Because if that was REALLY true, they wouldn't hire liars and bullies to run their councils. And that is exactly how I would classify the women who run the council I worked for. They are bullies. And liars. And all around horrible, awful people.

Working for the Girl Scouts was the WORST decision I made in my professional life. When I took the job I really thought I was going to work for a great organization and that I could make a difference somehow. When I quit my job last July it was the best decision I ever made.


I have nothing good to say about the time I spend with the Girl Scouts. In fact, I have nothing good to say about Girl Scouts. Period.

The mission statement, the promise, the Girl Scout Law ... they are all useless and ignored at the council where I worked here in Ohio. There was no sisterhood in Girl Scouts at that council. There was only lying, bullying, and name calling.

I'm assuming there will soon be badges for all those activities.

As a mom to two girls, I find it appalling that an organization like the Girl Scouts would allow ANY of their councils to be run by bullies and liars. It makes me sick to think that THOSE PEOPLE are allowed to be part of an organization that is supposed to build girls up and make them strong leaders.

No one should be bullied at work - especially not when your employer is the Girl Scouts. No one who treats people with such blatant disrespect, as The Bully and the others do, should be allowed to call themselves a Girl Scout, let alone be allowed to RUN the organization.

And so, I have a new name for the organization.
They will be known as the "Mean Girl" Scouts in my house from now on.

And I say good riddance to Girl Scouts.
You are no longer a part of my life.

I can do a MUCH better job teaching my children to be strong, independent young women ... they will  learn more from me and my mom and my sister about how to treat people with respect and how to be honest and how to be a true friend. Much more than they would ever learn from being part of that organization.


  1. My daughter Katie tried to join the Girl Scouts right after we decided to Homeschool. We thought that their activities would be a fantastic supplement to her education and keep her involved with kids her own age. She went to three meetings.

    On the fourth meeting she arrived on crutches with her dad as an escort. He was treated like a possible child molester, completely ostracized by the leader who refused to talk to him and give him any information at all. During the meeting Katie's crutches were repeatedly kicked out from under her, and one young hooligan informed her that she was going to set Katie on fire with her Mom's lighter.

    When I heard about he night as they got home I was furious and called the troop leader. Turns out that she was the mother of the hooligan and I was informed how it was all MY daughters fault for having her own ideas and not fitting in.

    We never went back to Girl Scouts. I did go to the Council and complain, however I'm just a mom and the Super B**ch Troop Leader was of course in the right.

    Set.. Her.. On.. Fire...
    I can not even imagine something more horrific.

    Obviously, we're not big Girl Scout Fans either.

  2. Kristen - Oh my god. That is totally insane. But the fact that your husband was treated that way is not surprising, given the 'anti man' viewpoint of the organization. And yes, the troop leaders are always right. I think it's part of the GS law actually. I find more people who are anit-GS than those who think it's a good organization. Oh the stories I could tell...

  3. I would LOVE to be the Strong Black Woman influence on the kidlets!!! :) Screw the Mean Scouts and their f-ed up ways! WAY better off!!!!!