Half a billion reasons to buy a lottery ticket

All right. Let's think about this number for just one minute.
Half a billion dollars.
$500 million.
Can you even wrap your head around that?

That, my friends, is a whole lotta zeroes.

Oh yes, the Mega Millions jackpot is estimated at nearly $500 million. Half a billion (with a B!) dollars.

I like to dream about what I would do with $500 million (which after taxes, if I took it in one lump sum, would be about $350 million...but really, who's counting?)

First. I'd pay off my house. And my parent's house. And my sister's house. (My mom said she'd do the same thing if she won, so I can't very well say "too bad" if I win). Then, I'd pay off my obnoxious law school loan. Then I'd pay off our credit card debt (and cut them up because who needs credit cards when you're a gazillionarie!)

Then, after all the bills were paid I'd donate some money to charity. Because it's the RIGHT THING TO DO. And because I want to. Then, I'd set up college funds for the kids. And trust funds.

And then...

Well, then I'd buy a house here http://www.disneygoldenoak.com/ ... because then I would be living IN the Walt Disney World Resort area. Hello? I'd be living IN Disney. Can we say dream home? Yeah. That is just pure awesome. Oh and you get a Golden Oak VIP Pass too. Seriously.

And then I'd take a few vacations.
A two-week cruise somewhere.

Ah....to dream about being a multimillionaire.
It's so fun.

So....what would YOU do with $500 million?
Tell me in the comments.

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