Donate Life Ohio Digital Donor Designation Drive

Right now, more than 3,400 Ohioans are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant - but even with more than 5 million registered donors in the state, 176 Ohioans died in 2010 waiting for a transplant that didn't come in time.

This month is Donate Life Month, and Donate Life Ohio recently announced a "good natured competition" between Ohioans with the end goal of registering more organ and tissue donors and to help save lives in Ohio - it's called the Digital Donor Designation Drive!

Here's the details...

Starting April 1, five cities in Ohio - Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Toledo - will square off in a friendly competition in celebration of Donate Life Month to drive the most participation in the Donate Life Ohio Digital Donor Designation Drive via Facebook.

By participating in the Digital Donor Designation Drive you and your city just might be help save a life! The entire "competition" takes place at the Donate Life Ohio Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/donatelifeohio

And because I'm blogging as a Toledo resident, here's what my Toledo friends/readers need to do:

1. Check in at the Donate Life Ohio Facebook page - use the voting buttons to check in at the drive on behalf of our city (Toledo!). The city with the most check ins on April 30 will be named the winner of the drive. You can also enter to win a Donate Life Ohio T-shirt if our city wins the drive. (And, if Toledo is named the winning city, 50 of our participants will be mailed a free T-shirt!)

2. Learn - Once you have checked in, the tab contains educational information about what it means to be a registered organ and tissue donor, and how each registered donor has the potential to save EIGHT lives and enhance 50 more through donation.

3. Register - The final link on the page directs you to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles' secure online registry where you can easily and securely join Ohio's Donor Registry!

OK Toledo..we can do this!
We can be the "winning" city!
Go to the Facebook page now - https://www.facebook.com/donatelifeohiohttps://www.facebook.com/donatelifeohio - and register for our city!

Oh, and one more thing I want to share...

April 20 has been designated "Blue and Green Day" by Donate Life America. On the 20th, supporters of organ, eye, and tissue donation are encouraged to flaunt their blue and green looks - from shirts, to pants, to hats, to nail polish! Show off your blue and green by posting photos on the Donate Life Ohio Facebook page throughout the month of April. On the 20th, Donate Life Ohio will showcase some of their favorite photos in a new cover photo and selected participants will receive a free T-shirt!

(Disclosure: This blog is written on behalf of Donate Life Ohio. I received no monetary compensation for this post. While the information was supplied to me, any opinions are my own).

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