My second act

photo credit: @MauiMinnie702/Maria Hannon
Well, I have big news. Huge news. Good news. After about 8 1/2 months of sending out resumes, going to interviews (some good, some worthy of the book I'm going to write), and being rejected more times than I care to remember...I am ecstatic to announce that I HAVE A NEW JOB!

That's right.
Stop the presses.
I. Have. A. New. Job.

And I have to say...I'm very excited about this new gig. I'll be working from home. I'm an independent contractor. And I'll be working with a social media marketing firm. So, let's recap - working from home means NO daycare. Independent contractor means....NO green polyester trolls as my boss. And social media...well we all know that makes me happy.

So I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this is a win-win-win for me.

And damn I feel good.

I told a friend of mine a few weeks ago that I'm looking at this new job as my "second act" - a new beginning for me, my professional life, and a new definition for me as a "working mom." I've done the part-time office job and I've done the 40 hour a week office job from hell. And now? Well now I'm setting my own hours. I'm making my own schedule and I'm going to be doing something I love.

This is my new beginning.
I can finally shut the cover on that last chapter.
That story is finished. Over. Completed.
Now, a new chapter begins.
A new story starts today.
And I think it's going to be a good one.


  1. Now THAT is some super exciting news! Congrats to you!!

  2. That sounds like the perfect job! This year has been a year of change for me as well. New beginnings are often just what we need to get on the path meant for us, even if it seems to take forever or a lot of things go wrong along the way. I moved to NC from ID for my husband's new job. I was ready to be out of the classroom and now I'm able to write. So it's been a trying year, but also so worth it!

  3. Congratulations! Wishing you all the best, it does sound like the perfect fit.

  4. Congrats!! I am so happy for you. May this new beginning be everything you hoped for!!

  5. thanks to all of you for congratulations and words of encouragement! :)