Wordless Wednesday...perfect!

So, being that today was "Wordless Wednesday"...it seems fitting that I had no blog post.

I was wordless.

No, nothing has rendered me speechless - that's a difficult task on any given day. It's just that I didn't have anything to say...(shocking, I know). And really, that's not even the whole truth. I have a lot to say, but I think perhaps I have writer's block.

I was thinking about this tonight as I half-watched Ghost Hunters ... I haven't been blogging as much lately and that makes me sad. I feel more like myself when I'm writing and lately, despite all the good things that have been going on in my life, I'm feeling a bit out of sorts. And I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think some (most?) of that stems from my serious lack of writing.

Oh, I "write" things in my head every night as I'm trying to drown out my husband's snoring fall asleep. I write the first chapter of that book that only lives in my head. I write a great blog post about many, many things. I write my Oscar acceptance speech. But then, when I actually sit down at my computer during the day...NOTHING. The well has gone dry. The words are on vacation.

I. Got. Nothin'.

So, I think know what I need to do.
I need to write every day.

When I wrote almost every day during January (for NaBloPoMo), it felt wonderful. I was sleeping better. I was somewhat less stressed (at least in my mind). And the words were always there. Lately it seems almost forced when I sit down to write. Maybe I have too much going on in my head with the new job (waiting for my first project), the new role I have with a congressional campaign, and all the other "stuff" going on with the kids (First Communion, dance recital, end of school year fast approaching).

And as I look at that list I think .... "hmmm, blogging would be great therapy for you."

So here it is...I'm making a renewed commitment (to myself at least) to blog more. It's good for me. It's good for my blog. And well, I'd like to think it's good for you too. (Recommended daily allowance of "The Fishbowl"...four out of five doctors approve). 

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