Writer's block

As a writer, nothing frustrates me more than writer's block.
It's my arch enemy.
The thorn in my side.
The bee in my bonnet.

It sits there, mocking me as a blinking cursor and a blank computer screen, daring me to TRY to write something, anything. And then laughing it's maniacal laugh when I sigh loudly out of pure frustration and walk away from the computer to sulk because I have nothing to say when in reality I KNOW that I have plenty to say.

That is what I've been dealing with lately.
Serious, severe, annoying writer's block.

That damn blinking cursor .... the blank text box. And the knowledge that I DO have things I want to say, but it seems that I'm incapable of putting my thoughts "down on paper."

I've been discovering over the course of the last year that when I'm feeling "good" and "happy" and haven't reached the DefCon 1 level of stress in my life, that's when the words come easily. That's when I can write and write and write and post a blog every single day. And when I'm not feeling "good" and I'm frustrated and stressed beyond belief...well that's when the words fail me.

As a writer, I'm thinking perhaps it should be the other way around, no? Shouldn't I be more inclined to write obscene amounts of blog material when I'm stressed, thereby alleviating that stress? Shouldn't writing while stressed be a lot like therapy, but without the shrinky-shrinks and medical terminology? When I'm not stressed, shouldn't I have a lot fewer things to vent write about?

Apparently that's not how my brain works. No, because it makes a lot more sense to be stressed about life and jobs and money AND not be able to write. That makes things so much easier. [insert eye roll here]

And so here I am...stressed and forcing myself to stare down this blinking cursor and write something, anything dammit.

Dear blinking cursor, you will not win. Because despite your best efforts I just wrote a blog post. About writing. So HA! Take that you annoying little blinky thing. 

And oddly enough, I feel better.
Writing really is therapeutic.
Now if only I can remind myself of this every day.

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