Sometimes it's the little things....

So, a year ago I was blogging about another Target moment at the old job and how much I hated  working for the evil green trolls with their sashes and badges and cookies. To say I was unhappy would be an understatement.

Even after quitting that job and attempting to "move on" things were not always rosy.
The last year has been stressful, challenging, and at times downright miserable.

BUT....I do have a job right now.
Granted, it's not the "dream job" I thought it would be.
I'm barely making enough money for it to be worth my time.
And on most days I just want to reach through my computer and strangle people.

However, something happened today that made me smile about the job, if only for a short time.

Two different people "in charge" emailed me and said something I had written was "amazing" and "the best" they've ever seen.

Now if that's not an ego boost I don't know what is.

Those two emails were just what I needed today - after a week I wanted to pull out my hair and run away from my laptop screaming in frustration.

It's nice to hear that someone actually appreciates the hard work you put into things, especially after working for trolls who never had a positive word to say about anyone or anything.

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