Team Mom's Everyday Victories - My first 5K ... but not my last

So, what's an "everyday victory"?

Last fall I bought my first pair of "running shoes" ... purchased with every intention of getting down to business and completing the "Couch to 5K" program and running my very first 5K race earlier this year.

I had really good intentions.
I was going to be a RUNNER!
And then, real life got in the way.

I was slowly working up to the actual "jogging" part of the C25K program and then BAM! I got sick with bronchitis. And then I lost my motivation due to some nagging "real life" issues that weren't going away. However, at the same time I was attempting to plan a weekend trip to Walt Disney World with some friends ... and we were going to participate in the Royal Family 5K during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend in late February.

And yet, I still wasn't finding the motivation to get moving.
I was in a funk.
I was content to sit on the couch and watch reality TV.
This mom wasn't in a training kind of mood.

My running shoes found a comfy spot in the closet, where they stayed for most of December and January. I told myself it was "too cold" to walk. Or I was too busy. Or it got dark too early. If there was an excuse to avoid walking, I found it. 

By the end of January my trip to Disney was booked, airline tickets had been purchased, and OHMYGOSH I was really going to participate in my very first 5K race. What was I thinking?

My friends and I went into this with a "we're all in this together" mindset - we promised that no one would get left behind and no matter how long it took, we would all finish the race and get that medal.

I had no idea how motivating and inspiring those 3.1 miles would be.

Before the race even started, my pulse was racing with anticipation (and nerves) but in the back of my head was a little voice say "it's just a walk...what's the big deal?" That voice would be the cynical part of my brain. I tried to silence it repeatedly that morning.

As we walked the first mile our group was separated due to the pace we were keeping but we kept walking. And that first mile - even though it took me 28 minutes to walk - was a good mile. As we started mile two I started to feel a twinge in my ankle (which had been giving me issues for months) and it was around mile 2.5 when we started asking "are we there yet?" ... but we kept on moving.

And then it happened. I saw the sign marked with Mile 3 and the strangest thing happened. I was suddenly overcome with a moment of clarity that to this day I still cannot fully explain. It was as if all the bad stuff from the last 12 months was washed away. Like a curtain had been peeled back and I could see clearly for the first time in a VERY long time. I heard my friends cheering from the sidelines and I got all teary-eyed. I knew at that very moment that ANYTHING WAS POSSIBLE.

And I knew that what I was doing was a lot more than "just a 3 mile walk" - it was renewing me as person and as a mom. The "old me" was back and she was stronger, smarter and I was fierce.

With that knowledge I look at my friend Rebekah and said "let's RUN!" ... and so we did. We ran across that finish line and got our medals.

And that was MY victory for this year.
Next year....the half marathon!

Do you have an everyday victory you want to celebrate?

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  1. Honesty compels me to remind you that it was yours truly doing the lion's share of the bitching and whining by the time we hit 2.5 miles :-) And, crap....it's time for me to go get my training waddle on!

    1. LOL! I too need to get my training in full gear. But not today...today I shall lay on the couch and whine about feeling miserable. :)

  2. Sorry to hear you're feeling rotten :-( I'm hitting a few bumps as far as training goes myself! Pushed too hard last week and only did a 20 minute walk on Saturday and skipped yesterday. I'm hitting the reset button, cutting myself some slack and starting fresh tomorrow.

  3. Good for you, Traci! What an accomplishment! I love to walk too, but running? Umm.. that's a different story. lol I've been kinda slacking too though.. need to get back in the groove again soon! Thanks for the motivation.

    1. Hi! Oddly enough, writing this post was my motivation to get walking again! No way I'm going to finish a 1/2 marathon if I don't get moving :)

  4. I think just getting through this journey of motherhood is such an everyday victory for me. I have to remind myself sometimes that I need to cherish the hectic and the happiness!

    1. Agreed! At the end of the day it's always good to remember that :)

  5. What a beautiful story!! I want to train and run a 5K too someday. Why not now? I have no idea. I have never been able to run a mile ever. So I have this nagging fear of failure.

    My everyday victory? having 3 c-sections in 4.5 years. When I got through that 3rd surgery I knew I was stronger than I ever realized.

    1. Wow!! 3 c-sections in 4.5 years...now that IS an accomplishment! And I absolutely know where you're coming from ... I had two c's, 3 years apart. :)

  6. I did C25K last year and ran a 5K. And that was enough for me. I am proud of myself but don't really like running. I think completing a 5K in any form or fashion is pretty awesome. so WTG!!!