Adventures with Scooby - Day 2

I'm starting to think that all guinea pigs do is eat and sleep.

That's all Scooby has done.

Then again, what more could a guinea pig do?
They don't do tricks. (Do they?)

And we can't let her run around the house...the dogs and/or cat might eat her. And well, that would be really difficult to explain to the kindergarten teacher. Not to mention the 17 other kids who might want to take Scooby home this year.

So, the pig stays in her cage. In Emma's bedroom. Behind closed doors.

And she eats. Apples. Carrots. Alfalfa hay. And some weird dry food mix.

Oh and yes, I'm STILL allergic to that darn alfalfa hay.
I wheezed for hours last night.
This morning I held my breath thinking that might help.
It didn't. I wheezed for another hour or so.

I'm thinking if we are really going to allow Emma her very own guinea pig we'll need to find an alternative to alfalfa hay.

Stay tuned.
More Scooby adventures on the horizon.

1 comment:

  1. Do they make Guinea Pig sized balls that they can run around the house in? If so if Emma gets her own it could get a little more exercise that way, yet still be "safe" from the other animals.

    Maybe Alfalfa sprouts could be substituted for hay? They're not very expensive to grow yourself and it just takes a jar in the kitchen. We used to grow them for salads.