Adventures with Scooby - Days 3 & 4

So here we are.

Friday night and Scooby is still hanging out in her cage, squeaking and eating everything. That pig can eat.

The only "incident" we had was yesterday morning when the little furball nipped Emma on the arm. Through her shirt. Apparently guinea pigs like to chew. On everything. Including clothes and my daughter's arm.

No worries though. Emma is fine. (It was merely a flesh wound). OK, no. Not really. It was more like a scratch, in the shape of the pig's front teeth. Which of course required a band aid.

And then today...

Kevin took the kids to the pet store. Without me. And he let them hold baby guinea pigs. And then he let a store employee take them to the fish aisle while he....BOUGHT A GUINEA PIG STARTER KIT FOR EMMA'S BIRTHDAY.

Yep. That's right friends.
Apparently we're giving Emma a guinea pig for her birthday.
Gee I'm so excited about this I can't hardly stand it.

So I guess this means I need to find an "allergy free" version of alfalfa hay before the end of January.


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    1. Yeah. And now Olivia has informed us that she would also like a guinea pig. #SaveMe