Happy Birthday Olivia!

Oh my Olivia...how is it that you're already 9 years old?

I swear it was just yesterday that we brought you home .. a tiny little thing (all of about 6 pounds) with skinny little baby chicken legs.

And now?
Well, just take a peek at that photo from your First Communion.
You're growing up so fast.
Of course, you're still a skinny little thing - but you aren't really "little" at all.
Nope. You're about a foot shorter than me.
This time next year you might be almost as tall as me.

You are becoming quite the little lady too.
You're kind and sweet and a wonderful big sister to Emma.
And you're very smart and sometimes VERY sassy.
Right  now you love presidential history and you just started watching some television show about finding Bigfoot.
Oh and you've been watching Pitbulls and Parolees.
I'm not too sure about that last one.
But it is on Animal Planet...so maybe you're learning something.
About dogs. 

This year you wanted a desk for your birthday - so that you can do your homework in your room. I thought that seemed like a good idea...you're a lot like I was as a kid. I liked to hang out in my room too, reading. Of course, you have an "old" laptop now too so I'm sure you'll start working on your first great novel any day now.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. We love you so very much.

 Olivia as president! 

And, Olivia our beach bum!

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  1. Aw, sweet post! And how great that she wanted a desk for her birthday. She's a smart, inquisitive bookworm, just like her mom! Wonder where she gets the sass from too. ;) Hope it was a happy one!