Going "unplugged" for a week

In a few days I am going to be "unplugged" for an entire week. And honestly, I can't wait.

Shocking, right?

I'm the woman who loves all things social media and is never more than a few feet away from her iPhone. I work in social media. I check my email first thing in the morning ... before coffee. And I check email again, one last time before bed. The other night I had insomnia at 3 a.m. ... and so I was on Twitter.

It feels as if I'm always online...Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Pinterest, blogs. And it's becoming a bit too much.

Lately I have felt CHAINED to my laptop ... in a not-so-good-way. I spend hours every day sitting at this desk, working. And since my work is all about social media, I'm always online. And then when work is done I'm still online. Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. Email.


I try to walk away but somehow I still find myself scanning Pinterest. Or thinking about blogging. Or lurking on Facebook. Or staring at Twitter for no good reason. And it's annoying me. I'm finding myself unfollowing more Pinterest boards than I'm following .. simply because the board bothers me. Or I edit Facebook status updates in my head because the grammar is horrific. Or I yell at Facebook  because someone spelled wrote "gull bladder" instead of "gallbladder." (Yeah. that happened).

So, um, yeah.
I think I need to unplug.
Walk away.
Put the iPhone down for an entire week.
And regroup.

And I'm sure that when I rejoin the interwebs at the end of this month I'll have some great stories to share. Like the time when I decided to unplug and start twitching two hours after my last tweet. Yeah, stories just like that.

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