Back to reality

That's me.
A week ago in Nassau, Bahamas.
I was happy and relaxed.
It was sunny and warm.

Fast forward to today.
We're home.
And it's rainy and cloudy.
And I'm not relaxed.

Oh how quickly vacations fly by .... you're so busy having fun and drinking fruity drinks by the pool that the rest of your worries just disappear. And then you fly home to freezing temps, ice storms, school delays, five suitcases of dirty laundry, grocery shopping, and work.

Anyway....I'll recap the whole cruise vacation in another post. But suffice it to say we all had an incredibly fun and relaxing time. And right now, I'd rather be sipping a cocktail while sitting in the sun poolside.

(And thanks to my brother-in-law, Jon Ashley, for taking that photo!)

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