Help wanted?

As is the ongoing story of my life...I am forever still looking for a job. I don't care if it's full-time (ideal!) or part-time (would be OK too)...as long as it pays me a salary and I get to work for people who are professional, courteous, and not trolls...it would be a good gig.

That being said, I have several many countless job searches going at different online "job search sites" (Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.). I have specific search terms saved at each site and every single day (sometimes more than once a day) I receive emails with subject lines like "4 communications/social media jobs found"...and inevitably the jobs aren't really related to my search terms at all.

Case in point: Yesterday I received an email from CareerBuilder.com that said "We have 4 new positions that match your saved search named Communications manager/editor/writer for jobs within 30 miles of Toledo, OH."

Great...four jobs. That's almost a record.

These were the jobs:
1. Dialysis Equipment Technician
2. Mobile Automotive Repair Technician
3. Aquatics Specialist (at a pet store)
4. Aquatics Specialist (again, at a pet store...apparently this was such a completely amazing job they had to post it twice!)

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but NONE of those jobs look like a communications manager, editor, or writer position, right? Yeah. Didn't think so. And while I'm sure they are all great jobs in their own way...they just aren't what I'm looking for.

And therein lies one of the MANY issues with online job searches. Some computer program somewhere decided that because a job merely mentions the word communications (as in, you have to be able to communicate with the FISH!), it must therefore be a match for ME.

Oh and the keywords I'm looking for are communications, marketing, social media, editing, writing, and media relations. All of which are extremely important for an aquatics specialist.  Because one must be able to market those fish via social media in such a way as to bring people to the store in droves, begging to buy fish.


And I'd blog more about this ... but I need to send out more resumes. Oh, and if YOU know of anyone who is looking for a communications expert...send them my way. As long as fish aren't involved.


  1. Sorry to hear... so frustrating! Searching for work - NEVER a good time. Hang in there, girl!

    (So just so I get this straight - even though you are Queen of TraciFishBowl... you aren't good with fish? ;) )

    1. So true...fish don't survive long at our house! LOL :) Ironic, no?