Winter is never going to end. Ever.

Remember waaaaay back on February 2 when that stupid rodent in Pennsylvania predicted that we would have an early spring and everyone was so happy?

The rodent lied.
He should be fired.
Or made into stew.
Or maybe a hat.

Tomorrow is the "official" first day of Spring.
It's going to be 30 degrees with snow here in northwest Ohio. Not very spring-like if you ask me.

Right now, it's snowing. And freezing cold. And the winds are making it even colder. It's a blustery cold snowy day here in the Hundred Acre Wood.

And while we're on the subject of snow...raise your hands if you're just about over the whole naming of the winter storms thing. Yeah, great idea Weather Channel..let's give each winter storm cute little names like Draco or Gandolf or Nemo. Or Triton. Or Ukko. Who had that brilliant idea? And who thought naming a storm after a little clown fish would make people sit up and take notice?

Dear Weather Channel ... please don't ever name winter storms again. Like ever. I don't care how geeky it made you feel to come up with this list for 2012-2013. Maybe if you had decided to NOT name every freaking snow storm that appeared, it might actually be warm by now. As it is, we're probably going to be in the middle of April dealing with WINTER STORM ZEUS. Thanks a lot.

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  1. I really hope that The Weather Channel gives up the naming garbage next year. Makes no sense at all and just irritates those of us in the line of the storms. Oy!

    Now about the rodent. I think we both know that the only rodents we can trust are from Disney ;)