Rain + Wind = Panic on Halloween

So, we'll mark this year as the year that Halloween was postponed because of some wind and rain.

Last night while kids all around the country had fun dressing up in costumes and running through their neighborhoods getting obnoxious amounts of candy, a lot of kids in the Toledo area were sitting at home. Not trick or treating.


Because the powers that be in many communities in the Toledo area decided they needed to "postpone" trick or treating until today, tomorrow, or Sunday because of the weather.

Yes. Seriously.

The weather yesterday was not perfect, but it was warm (freakishly warm). Sure it was rainy and a bit windy. But honestly, it wasn't THE STORM OF THE CENTURY or anything like that.

But our local weather people - and their news desk cohorts - decided to hype up the severity of the weather and get everyone in a panic because OH MY GOD IT'S GOING TO RAIN AND BE WINDY!

The Weather Channel was part of the problem too. They started reporting on Wednesday about the risk of severe weather for MILLIONS of people on Halloween. SHUT YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS! STOCK UP ON SUPPLIES! IT'S GOING TO RAIN. AND BE WINDY.

They even had a reporter giving live reports from Cincinnati all day yesterday because of the RAIN. One would have thought there was a freak inland hurricane making its way through Ohio with all of the hand wringing that was happening on TV.

And of course, everyone on social media was freaking out too. CANCEL trick or treating! We have to STAY SAFE! Everyone act like lemmings and follow the leader as he jumps off the cliff in a state of panic! I even saw people posting on certain news websites that they would NOT vote for the mayor of Toledo in next week's election if he didn't postpone Halloween.

Seriously people? You're going to base your voting decision on the fact that you had to carry an umbrella on Halloween? When did it become OK to think that you're entitled to good weather on Halloween? We live in OHIO for crying out loud. It is usually cold or or windy or rainy or all of the above on Halloween. Get over it and invest in an umbrella.

And so yesterday morning, Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Perrysburg, Holland, and most of the surrounding communities announced that Halloween was being postponed until the weekend.

Follow. The. Leader.

And of course, at 6 p.m. last night, it was NOT raining. It was a little breezy. And it would have been PERFECT for trick or treating. But rather than running through the neighborhood collecting candy, the kids were sitting inside, watching a movie. And now we get to trick or treat on November 3.

Happy Un-Halloween.


  1. And yet, it was rainy and windy here (unexpectedly so) think you may have sent it to Northern Virginia.

  2. LOL! Yes, I think we sent it your way. Sorry about that :)