Facebook. That's All I Have to Say About That.

Yesterday was one of those "holy crap why the hell am I on Facebook still?" kind of days. It was one of those days where I wondered if we all wouldn't be better off if Zuckerberg never created The Facebook.

If you're playing along from home...I wrote a blog post Sunday about the not-so-magical Grinch sitting next to me at The Nutcracker. And then people I don't know and who don't know me (ah, the joys of being a blogger...and yes, please imagine this typed in Comic Sans font for added sarcasm) started commenting on my post, letting me know in no uncertain terms that my Emma was "rude" and that I was "appalling."

I decided to share that on Facebook - not because I was looking for anyone to give me their opinion - but merely because I was rather floored that someone who knows NOTHING about me felt it was OK to pass judgment on me. (Again I say...ah joys of being a blogger).

And then it was if the floodgates opened on Facebook and a neon sign went out across the Interwebs asking everyone and their third cousin once removed to give their opinion on my parenting skills. (Funny. I don't remember asking anyone for their opinion on my parenting skills.).

But see that's what Facebook is turning into - it's no longer the place to post your life status updates and share pictures of friends and family. It's no longer a FUN place to hang out. Oh no. Now it's the place to go when you want to share your unsolicited opinion.

You post a status update about being sick? Suddenly everyone is a licensed medical doctor and is freely giving out their medical advice. "I'm not a doctor. But I play one on Facebook." You say you don't feel the need to put snow tires on your car. Oh well then you must not care about the safety of your kids (and yes, that conversation happened to someone I know). You post a comment about bad grammar and people go totally nuts and actually unfriend you (happened to a colleague and friend of mine).

Opinions are like you-know-whats and yes, everyone has one. But Facebook has lately become the place for all Judgy McJudgersons to congregate and tell you just how much you suck as whatever it is you're doing - whether that's being a parent, or watching a TV show, or taking a vacation, or talking about the weather.

Everything seems to get turned into a petty debate and it really takes the fun out of Facebook. I'm beginning to realize why it is that I have always loved Twitter more. It's much more difficult to be a complete ass in only 140 characters. (Although I've seen it happen there too).

I just can't seem to wrap my head around the way people use comment on Facebook. Certainly there are times when I see things on Facebook that make me shake my head in complete shock/horror/awe, but there's this nifty thing called "self restraint" and when you use it, your brain actually tells you "Golly gee Suzy, I don't think posting your negative Nellie comment would really help in this situation. Perhaps you should just not comment." 

Nothing to see here. Move along.

It used to be that the real nonsense on Facebook only happened around election time - you know, when members of each political party took to the comments to tell each other how incredibly stupid they were. But now, something as simple as "Oh my gosh it's snowing again" can lead to a litany of negative comments.

Honestly, if you have that much to say about everything ... why not start a blog? Then you can comment all you want on all the things that make you want to turn on the caps lock.

Or better yet...how about if everyone just tries to get along? There's a totally novel concept. Think about what you would REALLY say to that person if you weren't hiding behind a keyboard and computer monitor. I bet it wouldn't be the things that you just typed in the comment box.

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