Snowmageddon. Again. Or maybe not.

This past weekend we had a snowstorm. It dropped about 8 inches of the white stuff on our lovely city. The local weather guys were going CRAZY about the storm a full week before it hit. There were social media posts all week long about how much snow, when it would start, blah blah blah.

And then on Saturday morning as the snow was falling our local ABC station actually had a full morning of programming (preempting Good Morning America) because, you know, a snowstorm of this magnitude is SO FREAKING RARE in northwest Ohio that it requires HOURS of "oh my God it's snowing and the roads are slippery and be careful out there folks!" programming.

It's pretty simple really: if it's snowing a lot and the roads look bad, just stay home. When the county issues a Level 2 snow emergency, don't drive anywhere. No need to freak out.

But that's what our local weather guys do best - freak out.

Today (which is MONDAY for those of you playing along at home) a local weather guy (again from the ABC affiliate) posts on Facebook that there is another "storm to watch" for this weekend and we MIGHT get snow from it, or it MIGHT track a different way giving us a "heavy cold rain" or an ice storm. He made it very clear that they have NO IDEA what is going on with this storm but he wanted to give us the information he had because we MIGHT get hit with something.

Yes, and a huge asteroid MIGHT hit the planet tomorrow and Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis won't be able to save us in time. 

There's still  no need to put a "maybe" kind of forecast on Facebook. It doesn't do anything but give people a not-so-valid reason to post weather rumors on their Facebook page about a 20 inch snowfall forecast. Seriously people, when was the last time Toledo got 20 inches of snow in one storm? Geesh.

Of course, then you have a colleague of the Monday morning forecaster posting on his the station's Facebook page that we should all "ignore weather forecast rumors, please" because once they "get a handle on the snow makers" they'll let us know what is going on.

Gee thanks, we feel so much better already knowing that this weather brain trust is "on it."

Here's the thing people of northwest Ohio - it's winter and we LIVE IN OHIO which means we are going to get snow. I dislike snow just as much as the next person who wishes they lived in Florida. But really, let's not panic just yet. How about if we just get through this week and avoid the weather rumors, OK?

(However, if by Thursday they're saying we're in for a major ice storm I might just panic a bit because I really, really, really don't like ice storms.)

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