Someone Should Take Away My Blogger Card

Honestly I suck at blogging.

This is apparent by the complete lack of posts for almost a month.

Also, I have no good excuse. I haven't been sick (well, OK...I was sick for about a week). My computer wasn't broken (oh the horror!).

I've just been really busy. (Aren't we all?). And, I didn't have anything to blog about. (GASP!)

The kids are finishing up the school year - thanks to the never-ending winter they had two extra days added to the end of the year. So instead of being done TOMORROW they have school until Friday.

Yeah. The school board added TWO EXTRA DAYS so the kids can (1) have field day on Thursday, and (2) have a "fun day" on Friday. Thankfully the kids won't be at school on Friday - they'll be in a car traveling south(east?) to the Outer Banks. So suck on that school board.

Seriously though...they added two extra days of school so the kids can PLAY. What does that prove? Wouldn't it have made more sense to do one extra week back in April of "school until 4 p.m." so they were actually DOING WORK?

Nope. Let's have field day and "clean out your desk and we're going to watch a movie" day. Yay school.

Speaking of summer vacation (I was, kind of)....I cannot wait until Saturday when we are at the beach. I need a week to decompress and relax and just exhale.

So happy end-of-the-school-year to all of you. Here's to a great summer. I promise I'll write more.

Maybe. ;)

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