Mid-week Annoyances

I woke up today in a mood.

Shocking right?

I am blaming the midterm election on my current mood, which is 'meh.' I'm feeling totally disillusioned by the results of the election - across the board, not just in my home state of Ohio. Which yes, is THE swing state and will be THE battleground for president again in 2016.

So I'm already in A MOOD today when I check my email and see a message from someone and it contains the following: "make a note to do this every month TFN."


I actually had to Google "what is TFN?" because I have no clue WTF 'TFN' means.

Now I'm not stupid. And I am OK with emails that have EOM in the subject line because I know that means "end of message" and it saves me from having to read a long email. 

But please for the love of all that is holy, don't use things like TFN in emails that are sent my way. Use words.

I like words.

FWIW, TFN means 'till further notice' which apparently was too many characters for the person who composed the email to actually type.

Here's the thing - I speak English. I like grammar. A lot. And I don't speak text or bingo.

So unless you and I have the kind of email relationship where we can comfortably end our messages with smiley face emoticons (and there are only a few people in that category), please don't send me email messages with bingo-speak in them.

Don't use TFN in an email to me.

Like ever.

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