It's Like Groundhog Day Around Here

And yes, I'm talking about the movie 'Groundhog Day' where Bill Murray's character keeps having the same day over and over again.

That is exactly what life feels like right now.

6:15 a.m. wake up. 6:30 wake up kid #1, make her breakfast. Pack lunch #1. Wake up kid #2, make her breakfast. Make sure kid #1 is dressing appropriately for school. Tell kid #1 goodbye. Get kid #2 dressed. Pack lunch #2. Stand on driveway with kid #2 until bus arrives. Go inside. Two options (a) drink coffee or (b) head to gym. Come home. Shower. Work all day. Three days out of five take one kid or the other to dance class. Come home. Do laundry or other stuff. Go to bed.


I sort of feel as if I'm on autopilot these days and it is quite annoying.

It's WAY TOO EARLY in the school year to feel like I'm living my own personal Groundhog Day.

I'm hoping vacation next month fixes this.

Anyone else feeling like they're stuck in a routine lately?

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