Politics on a Monday

Tomorrow is the Ohio Primary.
It has been non-stop politics here for a good two weeks.

Every ad on television is a political ad.
It is total insanity.

Last Friday I went downtown to hear Senator Bernie Sanders speak at a rally. It was in a word, awesome. The crowd had so much positive energy and Bernie had a lot of great things to say. I left the rally feeling excited and ready to vote in the primary tomorrow.

I'm sure you can figure out who gets my vote.

This guy:

Oh yeah, I also got to SHAKE HIS HAND on Friday. That was pretty epic. Of course, I was almost crushed to death in the process - it was like being at a rock concert. Seriously, the crowd was insane....but in a good non-Donald-Drumpf way.

Speaking of He Who Shall Not Be Named, I watched the nightly news last night and was floored by how ugly this presidential election is becoming thanks in very large part to Voldermort Drumpf. As I sat there watching Americans beat the crap out of other Americans at a freaking political rally I thought "this can't possibly be my country."

It was sad. And disheartening.

And I really, really, really hope that our governor wins Ohio tomorrow in the Republican primary. And that someone other than Darth Vader Drumpf wins Florida.

So here's the thing Ohioans: Your vote can be a vote AGAINST Drumpf. If you're going to vote Republican on Tuesday give your vote to anyone but him. Make your vote count against him.

Me? I'll be feeling the Bern.

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