So yesterday afternoon I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed as I'm wont to do on any given afternoon and that's when I saw it.

One of our local news stations posted that BERNIE IS COMING TO TOLEDO!


That's right. They announced on a Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. that Bernie Sanders is coming to Toledo on Friday afternoon for 'A Future to Believe in Rally."

Nothing like almost last-minute, ya know.

I quickly emailed my husband and asked him to take half a day off work so that I could go. He of course said yes. (He had an ulterior motive - he wants to go to the driving range and hit golf balls).

And so ... I'm going to see Bernie today!

And I'm seriously excited about it. Yes, the doors open at 1:30 and the rally starts at 4:30 (WTH?) but it'll be just fine.

#FeelTheBern people.

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