Politics on a Wednesday

So, last night was YUUUUUGE for Bernie Sanders.

He won the Michigan primary. This is a big deal. Unless you listen to every news network out there. Then you might not think it's a big deal because according to them, Bernie is still "down in the delegate count" and blah, blah, blah.

People. Seriously.
Bernie was supposed to lose Michigan.
All the polls said so - and we all know how the polls are always right (insert sarcasm here).

But he didn't lose. He won by more than 20,000 votes.
Feel. The. Bern.

This morning I thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the morning "news" shows (like Good Morning America) would actually LEAD WITH BERNIE. You know, since it's a big frickin' story and all.

But no.

They led with freaking Donald Drumpf.
Because he has all the media eating out of his tiny hands and giving him FREE earned media.
His wins last night weren't newsworthy.

[As an aside: I made the mistake of actually watching Drumpf's "speech"  last night and I literally wanted to throw things at my television. Or punch someone. Or both. He said NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE. Absolutely nothing but garbage came out of his loud mouth. He had no policy points, nothing. Essentially it was "Ted is a liar, Marco is a little man, Lindsay Graham is a nasty person, people are attacking me, I own a lot of buildings, I watched the golf tournament at MY golf course on Sunday (WTF?), oh and I brought my own brand of water, wine, and steak (WTF? again) to this "press conference."]

But newsworthy or not GMA decided to lead with Drumpf. Their second story was about John Kasich who is barely holding on in the primary but hey he might win Ohio...but even if he does there's no hope.

And then...THREE STORIES into the broadcast they talked about Bernie and his "unlikely" victory.

I have a very strong feeling that had Hillary won that would have been a lead story "Hillary's nomination a done deal" or something like that. But Bernie? Nope. He gets relegated to the third news story of the day.

It irks me so very much that the media refuses to report on Bernie. He's not some flash-in-the-pan. He is a real candidate who is really winning and it's about damn time the media started giving him equal (and positive) air time and column inches.

And don't even get me started on how all the polls and pundits and talking heads are counting the super delegates NOW rather than waiting until the convention which is when they should/will be counted. The ONLY delegates that matter right freaking now are the "regular" (non-super) delegates. The super delegates can vote for either candidate at the convention which is why they don't count right now.


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