A New Day

Yesterday I cried.
A lot.

And then I got mad.
Really, really angry.
Pissed off.

And I resolved to fight against what has happened to this country.

My candidate won the popular vote.
If we didn't have such a f*cked up system she would be president.

Instead, we have a racist, sexist, nationalist, xenophobic clown taking over the Oval Office in 71 days.

I hate clowns.
They're frightening.

Last night I watched as thousands of people marched in protest over the election results.
That made me smile.

I love that we live in a country with freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.
And I hope these protests continue for the next four years.
They don't have to be huge protests, but we must continue to fight the good fight.

We have to fight for our rights. Fight for the foundations of this republic. Fight for those who can't fight.

Yesterday we had a breakfast for parents at the elementary school. It was more like a wake after a funeral - no one was talking, everyone was somber. Today we had another breakfast and the mood had shifted. It was as if everyone shook off the fear and uncertainty and sadness of November 9 and made the decision that life must go on and we will still keep doing what we've always done in the face of something horrific.

We come together as a country and fight like hell.

I'm in.
Are you?

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