Tuesday Thoughts: A Week Later

So here we are, one week after Election Day 2016 (aka: The End of Days).

Am I still angry about the outcome?
Am I still posting political stuff on Facebook and Twitter?
Yep. (And I'll get to that more in a bit)

But, here's the thing: in the midst of my anger and (yes, really) despair about what happened last week I am finding resolve and positive thoughts. Do I still think we, as a country, are headed down a path that is equal parts terrifying and uncharted? Damn right. But I am convinced that there is a huge group of folks out there who are willing to fight back.

And for my part I'm involved in another campaign for 2017 and that is likely just the start of my part of the fight.

I'm also trying to remain positive and do things that make me happy.

Like, decorating for Christmas.
On November 14.

Yes, really.
Last night Kevin said "we should decorate" and the girls were really excited about it ... so who was I to say no? [I did say 'no' to Walt the Elf on the Shelf coming back. It's way too soon for that nonsense].

And to be honest sitting next to the tree last night, sipping a cuppa tea, was very relaxing. It was happiness in the midst of impending darkness.

So yeah.
I decorated for Christmas.
On November 14.
Deal with it.

Which brings me to my other thought for today. I've seen several people posting on FB about how THEY THINK we should all stop posting about politics and how we should "unlike" sites like MSNBC, Vox, The Daily Kos, etc. Basically telling people that they're tired of hearing about it and therefore we should all shut up.

Well guess what?
That's not going to happen any time soon on my FB page.
So, if you're tired of seeing political posts you best unfollow or unfriend me now.

Because in case you aren't aware there is a revolution starting and that means this is NOT the time to sit back and shut up.

This is the time to speak up, speak out, be heard, and let those who think they're going to silence entire religions or groups of people know that we will not be silent. I will continue to speak up and speak out because that is MY right. And if we stop speaking up and speaking out then THEY win. Again. And that is not OK.

So there you have it.
I decorated for Christmas
And I'm going to keep posting political stuff.
Because I can.

Happy Tuesday.

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