Happy New Year!

Yes, I realize that today is the SECOND day of 2017, but I was busy yesterday.
Doing nothing. ;)
So Happy New Year today.

I've been seriously neglecting this blog (and my allergy blog too) so I'm going to try my best to actually BLOG about life this year.

I'm not making a resolution because I don't do that.
I'm simply stating that I have a lot to say (and I'm sure after the world goes to shit on January 20 I'll have more to say..provided we're all still here).

And this blog is the perfect vessel for all that I have to say.

Also, I've been blogging since....2005 (!!!)... so it's too late to quit now. ;-)

As it is in the next four weeks the Tweeter-in-Chief is going to be sworn in (God help us all), my oldest turns 13, and my youngest turns 10.

Also happening this year: my husband turns 50, we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, and I'll be 44.

Yeah. I just realized that last part.
I forgot I was going to be 44.

So yeah.
I think I'll have a lot to blog about this year.

And, if you don't like swearing or sarcasm or politics ... you should probably remove this blog from your bookmarks because I predict there will be A LOT of that happening this year.

Happy 2017.
May the odds be ever in OUR favor.

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