Love Trumps Hate

Back in November, after the election was over and I was feeling rather distraught and angry, I decided to hang a sign in my office window. It was a sign that we picked up at the Hillary Clinton office here in town and I decided I would leave it up for as long as was necessary (at least four year at this point, right?)

So now it's January and I don't often think about the sign, except when I happen to drive by my house and see it. I also never gave much thought to whether or not anyone else saw the sign.


Today I received a note in the mail.
It was from a person I've never met.

The note read:

Traci - 
We've never met before - unless we have passed each other on Halloween, but I live in your neighborhood and drive past your house daily. I wanted to Thank You for your sign in your window. When the days are horrific and I read again and again of the awful things happening in our current governmental leadership, the racism and hate crimes and just the uphill battle of it all, your window makes me smile. It lets me know that you are there and we have an ally close by. Thank you for your presence. 

Always stronger together,
(there was a name but I'm not publishing the name)

You guys.
I was standing in my kitchen crying after I read this.
To know that someone saw this sign and feels better and safer because of it?
All the feels. 

After watching the slightly terrifying (OK, really terrifying) "press conference" from He Who Shall Not Be Named (on this blog) and feeling very angry and defeated it was amazing to read something like this from a complete stranger.

Because honestly, we're going to need to meet those strangers and become friends and allies in person and fight the good fight. Stronger together is the ONLY way we're going to get through the next four years.

Love trumps hate.
Never forget that.

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