Well, we finally did it -- we sold our house! It's been listed, both as "for sale by owner" and by a realtor - for a year now. And we finally got a buyer who was willing to pay what we wanted and so it's done. We signed the contract the other day and now we just have to wait until October 18 to make it "official."

Spent all day yesterday looking at houses, and we found the one that was perfect for us. We almost let it slip right by us because it is lacking a fenced in yard and a finished basement, but those are 2 little things that can be overlooked. It really is a perfect house for us.

But now the annoyances begin. Today, our buyer's pest inspector made a visit to ensure that our house wasn't overrun with bugs of any sort. And later today the radon inspector is dropping off his little contraption to make sure that our house isn't filled with radon. And then of course the actual house inspector has to visit next week to make sure that the house isn't going to fall down anytime soon. It's all a bit annoying. For the next 2 days the dogs and cats are forbidden to enter the basement, because if they so much as breathe in the direction of the radon tester thingy it will register as having been tampered with. As if I'd want to tamper with a radon tester. What would that prove?

So, the litter box is in the kitchen (oh, yum) and the dogs must sleep with us -- which is always interesting.

But I guess in the grand scheme of things, it will all be worth it when we finally move into our new place!

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