Inspector gadget

Had our current house inspected yesterday by the buyer's inspector. Turns out our electric is not up to code (is 60 amp, rather than 100 amp...which means absolutely nothing to me. What the hell is an amp anyway?).

So, that's a problem...and it needs to be fixed ASAP. The electrician came out today and by the time he left he had a list that was one page long, detaling everything that needed to be fixed.

We need to update the breaker box from fuses to whatever it is that will make it up to code. Then we need to replace a bunch of outlets with GFI outlets - ground fault something or other. Then, we need to move the entire electrical meter from the back of the house to the side of the house, or risk the inspector coming and out telling us that it's too close to the back door or something obscure like that.

So, basically we're looking at about $1,500 worth of work that must be finished before October 18th. Our inspection of the new house is tomorrow -- the only good thing about that is, if we find something that needs to be fixed, the seller of the house needs to pay to have it fixed. I'm just hoping that we don't find anything.

I just want to close on these houses and move already! It's all very frustrating and stressful and, quite frankly, if we never sell a house again - ever - it will be too soon for me.

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