Legal madness

Started studying for the bar exam last week.

Well, I'm not really "studying" yet...more like I'm reading a load of material and trying to digest it all. I guess the good thing is - I'm recognizing that there are new cases that have been added to the material since my last go-round with the evil bar examiners.

I'm absolutely freaking out about it too. After all, this is not the first time I'm participating in the state-sponsored (and state-endorsed) 3-day torture session known as the bar exam. No, it's the SIXTH time I'm doing it.

Yes, I must be insane.

But then again, what good is a law degree if you can't use it?

Someone asked me yesterday if I've utilized my law degree. Utilized it? No, not really...unless you count hanging it on the wall to show curious passers-by. Oh sure, I guess I could utilize it as a coaster or a doorstop, but that's not very practical. Basically, it's a $50,000 piece of paper with some fancy letters and signatures that informs anyone who cares that I'm "entitled to all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto."

What the hell does that mean? There are no privileges or rights pertaining thereto or heretofore or whatever...unless you pass the bar exam. A law degree is just a sad little piece of paper without the blessing of the state supreme court saying that I am worthy to be a licensed attorney.

And so that brings me back to the insanity that is studying for the bar.

I really don't think it will be that bad once classes start. I even have a friend from law school who is calling me every Sunday night to make sure that I'm doing at least 50 multiple choice questions a day. So far I've done ZERO a day...but that's only because I'm not done reading.

Which means, I guess I should go read. My bar warden is checking in with me in 4 days and I better have some questions done!

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