Packin' it in

Well, I'm just about done....with studying, that is. I just don't think I can do anymore.

I have yet to open a book today -- it's already 2 p.m. on Sunday. But I just can't bring myself to look at my outlines or notecards or any of it. I have been studying for more than 6 weeks and I'm just fried.

Watched Law & Order: Criminal Intent last night -- yelled at the TV when the cops kept questioning a suspect after he invoked his 5th amendment right to counsel. I ended up reciting some criminal procedure law. Couldn't help myself. Kevin just looked at me as if I had gone mad. What can I say? It was clearly a violation of his right to counsel.

Having dinner at my parent's tonight. Might look at my outlines later this evening. Right now, I'd rather just get into a zone of relaxation and clear thinking -- perhaps reciting a new mantra "I will pass the bar!"

Anyway, I'm sure this calm is only temporary -- the calm before the storm, I'm sure. Once I get to Columbus tomorrow and get settled in the hotel, I am certain that I will be a basket case.

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