The thrill of victory....the agony of defeat

It's the first full day of the Winter Olympics. I have yet to watch one second of it. But I thought I'd use some sports analogies to help everyone understand just what studying for the bar feels like.

As I trudge uphill through yet another grueling day of bar review I am reminded of the old "Wide World of Sports" introduction -- you know, the one where the skier goes hurtling off the ski ramp, head first into the crowd of onlookers.

That is sort of how bar review feels -- you think you finally understand The Rule Against Perpetuities (AH-HA, THE TRILL OF VICTORY!), and then you try to apply it to a fact pattern in a multiple-choice question (DAMN...THE AGONY OF DEFEAT). I'm suddenly that skier who is flying headfirst into the crowd of onlookers.

Working on property notecards earlier today, I was feeling rather confident in my ability to understand the wacky world of property law. Not feeling so confident any more (think - figure skater who just came crashing to the ice after attempting a quad-Axle). Ouch.

So, with that it's back to the books and outlines and notecards.

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