Mmmm, mmm, good

Appetizer: How fast can you type?
I don't know the exact "wpm", but I type fast.

Soup: What is your favorite online game?
"Bejeweled" on MSN Games.

Salad: On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest), how intelligent do you think you are?
I think I'm an 8.

Main course: Name 3 of your best teachers from your school years.
1. Roy Williamson - St. Ursula Academy, AP English
2. Michael Bugeja - Ohio Univeristy, Journalism
3. Frank Henderson - Ohio Univeristy, Political Science

Dessert: What are your plans for the upcoming weekend?
Shopping w/ my mom; attending Mass w/ Kevin & the kids; visiting my mother-in-law with Kevin and then kids


  1. I think these are great.

    Appetizer: Fast enough. I'm wearing the "N" of my keyboard. My computer is 9 mos. old.

    Soup: Never have I played an online game. But, I do have a yahtzee widget on my desktop I love.

    Salad: I'll go with 8. It's my luck number.

    Main course:
    1. Miss Sparks - 6th Grade, Ottawa River Elementary School
    2. Mr. Raab - English - Toledo Christian
    3. Mr. Dressel - Science - Toledo Christian

    Dessert: Hanging out with my niece and nephew, my sister is out of town and we're parenting. Wah-who! I'll also fit in SOME layout time.

  2. Ottawa River Elementary....did you grow up in Point Place?

  3. I did indeed grow up in Point Place! :-)

  4. No kidding! I grew up across the river in Shoreland -- on Point Pleasant Way (right down the street from where Rudy's Hot Dog is). How crazy is that!?!

  5. No way! For a short time we lived in those condos directly across the street from Rudy's. Eventually we ended up on Detwiler Drive, by the golf course.


    I was a bagger at the Kroger near Rudy's, worked at A&W rootbeer (Perky's) through high school and college...the list goes ON and ON...