Another resume, another rejection

The phone rings yesterday afternoon. I answer. The following is an unofficial transcript of the call.

Me: Hello?

Caller: Hi, this is so-and-so with "X" company. You sent me your resume last week for the Regional Director of Communications job.

Me: Yes I did.

Caller: OK. Well, um, you have a very interesting background with the journalism degree and a law degree. Why aren't you a lawyer?

Me: I didn't pass the bar exam and have decided to pursue a career in communications.

Caller: Oh. OK. So, you're teaching part-time now?

Me: Yes.

Caller: OK. It looks like most of your experience is with "XYZ" company as the director of association services? Why did you leave there?

Me: [lying thru my teeth] It was a mutual decision. I wanted to take an extended maternity leave and they needed to cut costs, so my job was eliminated due to budget reasons. [What I wanted to say was - my ex-boss was a complete asshole and he fired me because I was pregnant.].

Caller: OK. Well, I'm really looking for someone with more work experience. I think you'd be better suited to be a regional manager and report to the director. I'll keep your resume on file in case something opens up.

Me: OK, great. [What I wanted to say was: You want work experience? I have 12 years of experience on my resume. Oh and let's not forget the whole full-time mommy gig that I've got going on. You should see how I multi-task. I can change a poopy diaper while answering the phone. I can feed the baby while balancing the family budget. I can....well, anyway you get the picture.]

...and so, I've been rejected again. The search continues.....

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