First parent-teacher conference report

Wow. Today was my first parent-teacher conference. That seems crazy to me...crazy that my 'baby girl' is in school and I'm going to conferences!

Overall, Olivia is doing great in kindergarten. We were able to see her 'writing journal' that they have been working on since day 1 and the improvement in her writing and use of words is amazing!

My favorite entry in her journal was the one she wrote this week. It said "I am thankful for Dsny Wrld." [Translation: I am thankful for Disney World.] Yep, 'tis true...my darling daughter LOVES Disney just as much as her mommy! LOVE. IT.

[Oh, and I asked why Disney World was missing a few letters and the teacher explained to me that she had Olivia sound out the words and spell it on her own, without any assistance. Not bad for a 5 year old!]

The final report was that Olivia 'successfully demonstrates' all of the required behavior/social skills and academic skills/work habits that are required of a kindergarten student. The only skill we need to work on is "encouraging her to become a leader".

Yeah, I know. My kid needs help in WHAT area? But my girl is rather shy (she did NOT get that trait from me!)...and when she's faced with leading a group or standing up in front of a group of people, she tends to freeze and get shy and get very quiet. So, I'm just going to have to work with her and let her know that it's OK to be a leader.

The teacher did say that Olivia is getting better at opening up and talking about what she did over the weekend or plans that she has. So, that is a good thing!

I'm just happy that I have a kid who follow directions, plays well with others, knows how to share, is organized, doesn't interrupt others, and is really one awesome little girl! So, she's a little shy....so what? She's my girl and I love her.

Way to go Olivia!


I'd like to make a "little" recommendation to all kindergarten teachers out there...please have 'grown up' size chairs for parents to sit in at conferences. My butt does NOT fit on the kindergarten size chairs. And, my husband -- who is 6' 4" tall -- would have been more comfortable sitting on the floor - instead of in a grade K chair with his knees up his nose. I'm just sayin'.


  1. Yay Olivia!

    Wow. They made you sit in kid size chairs? What grown adult who is not a size 0 can sit in one of those? Wow.

  2. yeah, it was not comfortable, believe me! the teacher even said "oh i guess i should have some 'adult' chairs in here."

    um, ya think? :)

  3. Great job Olivia!!! :)

    That chair things sounds rather ridiculous, but I bet kinda funny if you were a passer by the room and seeing a bunch of adults trying to "sit" in tiny chairs!