100 days and...yeah, I skipped two days of blogging

OK, I know. I didn't blog the entire weekend. I'm sure the 'blogging police' are heading to my house as I type to issue me a citation for failing during the first week of NaBloPoMo February.

I do apologize and I have no good excuse. I just had nothing to talk about (shocking, I know) and I was busy with the little things. Oh, and I had a panic attack last night about the snowstorm that is going to blanket this area with 3 - 10 inches of snow (depending on what forecast you believe) on the night before I'm supposed to fly to Orlando.

So, I am a bit stressed out right now. My plan is to head to Detroit Metro tomorrow at noon, check in to my hotel at the airport and watch it snow. And then I'll be up before dawn on Wednesday, anxiously awaiting word on my flight. I am hoping that even if there are six inches of the white misery on the ground, the planes will still be taking off. (Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease).


Today is Oliva's 100th day of kindergarten!

How do I know this? Well, I wasn't keeping track of the days, that's for certain. I had no idea she's been in kindergarten for 100 days - until the teacher sent a note home last week that said they would be celebrating their 100 days in class today.

This whole "100 day celebration" thing must be new, right? I don't remember celebrating being in kindergarten (or any other grade for that matter) for 100 days or 200 days or well, any days. We just went to school in August and finished in June and that was that.

While I'm not really mocking this whole 100 day celebration (after all, Olivia's class is having a 100th day parade around the school and they're making a 100th day hat and a $100 bill and they are counting to 100) ... I am ranking it up there with the whole preschool 'graduation ceremony' -- it seems a bit unnecessary and a bit over the top.

At the same time, I still can't believe that my 'baby' has been in kindergarten for that long! In four more months she'll be done with kindergarten and then (oh my gosh!) she's going to be heading to the FIRST GRADE!!!!!

So....happy 100th day of kindergarten, Olivia!
We are so proud of you and you're a superstar student!

[And a note to Mother Nature: You need a serious attitude adjustment. Do not mess with my flight or there will be hell to pay. OK? Thanks.]


  1. I'm gonna cross my fingers for you that your flight will be on time!!

    And as for the 100 day thing- Max just did that last Thurs. in 1st grade! He had to bring in 100 small things so they could count and make patterns with it!

    Good luck and hope you make it to somewhere sunny and warm!

  2. Thanks!

    Olivia and her classmates each had to bring in 100 'edible' items and then they were going to make a 100 day mix. The thought of 18 kids (or their parents) handling cereal, M&Ms, etc -- counting them and putting them in a bag and then the kids eating them...ack! It's like germ city.

  3. Have fun on your trip and have a good flight!!!

    I love the 100th day of school! I bet they read Miss Bindergarten's 100 days of school - it is a fun book.

  4. Thanks! I'm hoping for a good flight (in other words: a flight that isn't canceled). :)

  5. 我從來不認為不同意我的看法就是冒犯..............................

  6. I had no idea you spoke Chinese!!!

    I'm glad everything worked out and you got outta dodge before the snow hit.

    Have a blast.

  7. Nadja...I had no idea I did either! LOL. :)